Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweet Summertime

I have had a fabulous last few days. These fun summer days are why I love summer so much in the first place. I'm going to be missing them in another week!

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my family at the Cabana. It's a fun restaurant on the river. In past summers we would meet down there all the time, but with my grandpa being in rehab and then moving into an assisted living apartment, we haven't been down there for lunch all summer! I'm glad we got to go at least once before the summer was over.

It was a perfect and gorgeous day for the Cabana too!

I recently downloaded a fun new app too that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic shots. I took one when I was down there. So fun!

Last night I went with some of my friends out to dinner, and then we went to the Reds game. It was SO fun! I went with some girls I went to grade school with, and some of them I just don't see much anymore. One of my friends I went with I actually hadn't seen since last November. We all get along great though, and we picked up right where we left off. It almost felt like we were still in grade school :)

I love how they set off fireworks at the Friday and Saturday night games!

I was having fun with my new photo apps - I'll have to do a post on them soon!

Then today was my cousin Maddie's 6th birthday! She had a manicure party with some of her friends, but my mom and I went over to visit anyway :)

I loved these custom cookies for all the party girls!

Maddie and all her friends!

Blowing out her candles!

What a fun few days! I wish these summer days could last forever ;)

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