Saturday, September 15, 2012

Senior Year Fun

Friday and Saturday have been so much fun! I've made a lot of memories the last few days that I'll always remember from Senior year!

Last week was Green Week at school. Every day is a different theme that you dress up as. The themes change every year, but Friday is always All Out Green. The Seniors also always tailgate before school on Friday.

So I got to school early to hang out with some of my friends and listen to music before our last All Out Green Day!

Since it was my last one, I took a picture of all my green attire after school. (I wasn't wearing it in the morning because we had to be in uniform for mass at the beginning of the day).
[such a dorky picture - I took this by proping up my camera and then using the timer setting - ha! I wanted a picture of my last green day outfit though :) ]

Green Week also always ends with the Lipsync Concert. Basically a bunch of different groups come up with dances/routines that they perform in front of the whole school. Our Senior Student Council routine was by far the best routine I've ever seen in my 4 years at Seton! All of the girls taped glow sticks to their bodies (that looked liked an outline of their body), and then they turned off all the lights. All you could see was the glowing outlines, and it was just SO neat!

Then on Friday night was our Garage Getdown - our annual themed dance in the parking garage. Our theme was Dynamic Duos, and my friend and I went as Lilo and Stitch!

I even painted my nails blue for the occasion!

I went over my friend Erin's house before the dance for dinner. I offered to make a dessert, and I brought homemade Twix bars. I was a little disappointed with them though - they didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped they would be....

This is Danielle and I in our costumes! I may be a bit biased, but I think we looked pretty cute!

Some of my other friends went as the Powerpuff Girls.

Group shot before we left for the dance!

The dance was so fun (like always!). I couldn't believe it was our last one. It always makes me sad when I reach a "last" in life. I guess there will be many "firsts" to make up for it though! I can totally remember my freshman Garage Getdown and thinking about what I would do for my dynamic duo Senior year. I never would have guessed it would have turned out like it did, but it worked out great :)

I took this picture above the dance looking down - I thought it was kind of a neat shot.

Nicci, Erin, and I

My friend Ashley and I

Abby, Danielle, and I

These are my lunch friends - Erin, me, Morgan, Christina, and Danielle. I hate that the quality isn't very good :/

I got home around midnight, and then I ended up sleeping in until 1 pm this afternoon. Crazy! I never sleep that much :)

Then today I went shopping with my mom, and my best purchase was a pair of Sperry's. They are/have been so huge and popular lately, but I've just never bought any. I love the ones I ended up getting though!

Tonight I opted to just stay home and relax. I just wasn't really in the mood to go out, so instead I hung out with my favorite pup!

Tomorrow is going to consist of church and homework - a typical Sunday! I also have to work at a campaign event thing tomorrow. Definitely NOT my cup of tea, but I'm required to do it for my government class. If you know me at all, you know that I am not into politics. My opinion on the upcoming presidential election is based on what I've heard other people say/what candidate my parents like/the fact that I had a dream nightmare that one of the candidates was trying to capture me :) I guess eventually I'll have to pay more attention to politics when I'm old enough to vote, but that's not for another year - ha!

I hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

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