Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up again this week for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that I got to sleep in a little this morning, even if it was only an extra half an hour!

I'm loving that it's finally starting to feel like fall!

I'm loving this quote I found this week.

I'm loving that I'm making cake pops this week, and I'm getting paid for some of them. I don't think I've mentioned on here that I've made over $100 selling cake pops so far! Definitely not a huge sum of money, but still a decent amount that I'm extremely proud of.

I'm loving that I've got a fun weekend coming up with a bunch of family parties, including my cousin's bachelorette party :)

I'm loving this song - I've had it stuck in my head all week!

I'm loving this cute college apparel store I found online called Meesh & Mia. I think that if you use that link you can get $15 off too! When I finalize where I'm going to college, I'll definitely be ordering something from there. I especially love this UC shirt....

I'm loving that I went to dinner at Cabana with my friend Erin last night. A beautiful night of little homework called for a celebration! We ended up being there for 2 hours just talking - so fun!

I'm loving that this week has been a pretty easy and relaxing one so far - laid back weeks are few and far between, so I'm really savoring this one!

Have a great Wednesday!


Allison said...

I'd say making $100 is still impressive! Plus I'm sure you can build your rep up some more!
I love that Hunter Hayes song too! I need to get his cd!

Allie said...

Ummm can we be friends?!? #1 I'm LOVING that quote!!! #2 I also love Wanted by HH!!!! :)