Friday, April 8, 2011

ABC's of Me

I've seen some other blogs do this, and I thought I would do it too since it's been a couple of days since I blogged last!

A - Age - 15 (I'll be 16 in less than a month!)

B - Bed size - Full

C - Chore you hate - unloading the dishwasher!

D - Dogs - I have one dog named Coco!

E - Essential start to your day - Getting on the computer and checking my e-mail and reading blogs

F - Favorite color - pink

G - Gold or silver? - silver

H - Height - I don't know my exact height - ha! I'm guessing somewhere around 5 foot :)

I - Instruments you play - None, but I might be changing that soon!

J - Job title - Unemployed (unless cleaning my grandpa's condo counts, then my job title would be "cleaning lady.")

K - Kids - I have no kids. (Refer back to letter "A")

L - Live - I live in Ohio.

M - Mom's name - June

N - Nickname - Some of my family calls me "Pippi" and one of my friends calls me "Son"

O - Overnight hospital stay - Just when I was born

P - Pet peeve - the smell of syrup. I absolutely hate the smell of syrup - it makes me want to gag.

Q - Quote from a movie - "Are you serious Clark" (Christmas Vacation) That movie has some really great quotes!

R - Right or left? - Right

S - Siblings - None

T - Time you wake up normally - for school I wake up at 6:05

U - Underwear - I'm not really sure what this one's asking for, but yes, I do wear underwear.

V - Veggies you dislike - Pretty much all of them except potatoes, corn, and green beans.

W - What makes you run late - I'm normally on time :)

X - X-rays you've had - I've had some done on my teeth, but I think that's it.

Y - Yummy food you make - Cheesecake!

Z - Zoo animal - Giraffe (speaking of which, the giraffe at our zoo just had the cutest little baby!)

I'm so glad it's Friday! Have a good weekend!

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