Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music's In My Soul: Old Favorites

It's time for another one of my music posts! Today's topic is "Old Favorites." Basically, any older songs and artists that I love!

1. Cher
I absolutely LOVE Cher. I wish she was still touring the country because I would for sure be going to one of her shows. My favorite song of hers is probably "Believe," but I have her whole greatest hits album on my iPod and I love them all! All of her songs just make me want to sing and dance.

2. Elton John
My parents are big Elton John fans, so growing up I heard a lot of Elton John. And I always hated it. But now that I'm older I actually like a lot of his songs (which I never thought I would admit - ha!). My all time favorite song of his is "Your Song." It's just a classic to me.

3. Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole's song "L-O-V-E" is classic and timeless.

4. Rare Earth
"I Just Want to Celebrate" always puts me in a good mood!

The next ones are just a few years old, but I feel like no one still listens to them except for me - ha!

5. Jessica Simpson
I've talked before about how I used to love Jessica Simpson, but I still do listen to some of her music. My favorite song of hers is "Be."

6. Nick Lachey
[It's funny that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are 2 of my favorites and they both ended up next to each other, but I really love them both!]
I got a Nick Lachey album for Christmas a few years ago, and I love the album. My favorite song is "What's Left of Me." I can remember watching this video years ago!

That's all I've got for today! Have a great Tuesday.

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mum said...

I love Your Song because I'm a psycho.