Thursday, August 4, 2011

Caribbean Cruise: Part 2

Here's a second installment of my cruise vacation. Can you tell I had a blast on this vacation?

Tuesday: July 26, 2011
Labadee, Haiti
Labadee is one of Royal Caribbean's private islands. It was absolutely gorgeous! We started off with breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe again. I got a ham/cheese omelet and some doughnuts. Yum!

We got off the boat to do some exploring of Labadee.

Then my dad and I had a shore excursion - zip lining! It was absolutely crazy. First, we did a little practice course to get used to it. I'm so glad they did that!

Then we went on the BIG zip line. We had to travel up on top of a hill/cliff to get to it. The zip line goes from the top of this cliff, across the ocean, and ends on another stretch of land. It is the longest zip line over water. I was freaking out - it was so high! But the view was absolutely gorgeous.

I was nervous, but I ended up having a blast. It was SO much fun! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. And look at this photo collage my dad made - isn't that neat?

My dad also filmed a video on his way down. It's so cool!

We met up with my mom afterwards and got some lunch. I had a cheeseburger, grapes, and chocolate cookies! We found an awesome out cove area that overlooked the ocean, and it was off the beaten path, so no one was there!

We went back on the boat to change into our swimsuits, and then we headed to the beach!

When we got back on the ship, we went to the little movie theater to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! Then it was time for dinner. I decided to try something different, so I ordered Spinach and Cheese Ravioli.......I didn't like it - ha! But that's the beauty of being on a cruise - I just ordered something else and wound up with Shrimp Wantons - yum! I had Berrymisu for dessert.

We did a little shopping after dinner and then went to the see the show of the night. It was a magic show called Now You See It. The magician was on America's Got Talent, which I thought was pretty cool. The show was really good and interesting - I would love to know how they pull off some of those crazy things!

We went up to the Royal Promenade and got some pizza and chocolate mousse for a snack, and then we stuck around for the Dancin' in the Street 70s Dance Party. That was fun, and I know more songs from the 70s than I thought I did!

Wednesday: July 27, 2011
Falmouth, Jamaica
I got to sleep in on Wednesday! It felt SO good since most of the time we were up early. We ate breakfast in the Windjammer - I got a chocolate doughnut, waffles, and a strawberry yogurt.

We got off the boat and took a bus ride to the Shoppes at Rose Hall. It was about a 20 minutes bus ride, so we got to see a lot of different parts of Jamiaca. It broke my heart to see all of the tin shacks that most of the people lived in. I just can't even imagine living like that. On the other hand, we also saw some gorgeous resorts on the beach.

I like the Shoppes at Rose Hall because there wasn't any bartering - all of the prices were set, and I liked that!

We went and ate lunch on the boat since it was already paid for, and I had pork, pasta, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, and a cookie. YUMMY!

After lunch we went back out into Jamaica to walk around the port area. We weren't out there for very long because there really wasn't much to do around the port.

We got back on the boat a little early, which was nice because we got to relax in one of the whirlpools all by ourselves!

We got some ice cream at Sprinkles, and then just relaxed on deck.

Then my dad and I tried out.......the rock climbing wall!

It was a lot harder than I was expecting!

But I did make it to the top, and I did beat my dad - ha!
I'm glad I did it, but I don't think I would do it again :)

While I was getting ready for dinner, I enjoyed a (virgin) Strawberry Daiquiri - yummmm!

For dinner that night I had fruit, lasagna, and banana cream pie. All the waiters danced as well. Our assistant waitress even did a hand stand - ha!

That night the show was an ice skating show, and it was amazing. That was probably my favorite show of the week. I was pretty jealous the entire time - I wish I could skate like that :)

Thursday: July 28, 2011
George Town, Grand Cayman
This was by far my favorite day of the cruise, and definitely one of the best days of my life!

We ate breakfast (chocolate doughnut and waffles - my favorite!).

Then we got off the boat and got onto Grand Cayman!

We got on a boat and rode out to Stingray City! They drive you out to the middle of the ocean, to a 3 feet deep sandbar. All of these stingrays come up (it's kind of freaky at first), and they just swim all around. Then we got our picture taken with one.

Yes......I actually kissed a stingray!

Love this picture!

Then we went to Dolphin Discovery, where we got in a pool with dolphins and did all kinds of fun tricks with them. I held onto its fin while it pulled me. The dolphin pushed me on a boogie board. I got to pet and kiss the dolphin. It was awesome. At the end, the dolphin did all kinds of cool flips and made the cutest little noises. This was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture :)

After the dolphins, we went across the street to the turtle farm.

Then they took us to Tiki Beach, which was a fun little restaurant right on the ocean. We got some lunch, and ate it overlooking the prettiest water I have ever seen in my entire life!

We got back on the boat and chilled a little before dinner. I had Caesar salad, prime rib, and a dessert sampler for dinner that night.

The show was called Once Upon a Time, and it was really good. They told the stories of different fairy tales using modern day songs.For example, during the story of Cinderella, when the fairy godmother is giving Cinderella a makeover, they sang the song Popular from Wicked! I loved the show - I thought it was such a creative idea.

After the show I bought myself some Ben & Jerry's.

And I got my favorite - Half Baked!

That's all for today - I hope you all are having an excellent week!

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