Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life Lately

I wanted to post on Wednesday, but I'm just now getting around to it. School has been taking over my life, and it's only been 3 days!

Wednesday was my first day of school, and it was crazy! I'm taking 4 AP classes this year, so it's like I'm in college already....... In my AP American History class, we had a quiz on the first day of school. I can honestly say that's never happened before! After 3 days of classes, I've already had 4 quizzes! The teachers this year are really diving in right away.

On Wednesday night, I went to a concert with my friend Abby. The main act was Cartel, but I had never heard of that band before. We went to see the opening act, Action Item. There were 5 opening acts, and Action Item was the last one, so it we were there for awhile watching bands that we had never heard of, but once Action Item came on, it made all the waiting worth it.

On Thursday, I started my new babysitting job. It was kind of crazy. The kids I babysit are super cute, but the little boy only wanted to play video games, and his parents told me he wasn't allowed. That made for an interesting situation, but it ended up being okay in the end.

When I babysat on Friday, it was much better! He wasn't too concerned with the video games, which was good! And it was fun mixing up some lemonade with the little girl. I think she likes to bake and cook, which is great because I love that too. :)

On Friday night I met some of my friends at Graeter's for ice cream. We ended up being there for 2 hours because we were having so much fun talking.

Tonight I'm going to see The Help with my mom. I've heard it's a good movie, so I can't wait to see it. I hope everyone is having an excellent weekend.

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Alli said...

I haven't heard of Action Item. I should check them out after I finish commenting on blogs. If you ever heard of Megan and Liz. They are two sisters are getting started off of YouTube, and they are set to tour with Action Item this fall.

I am going to Carowinds this fall on October 1st, and I should be able to see tobymac in concert again!! And a couple of other artists I've never heard of, that I should look up before then. But I won't be able to take my camera because I like going on the water rides, and whenever I go to Carowinds it ends up pouring rain by the time we go to the concert.

This is an unusually long comment from me, so I'll stop here. I'll update my blog later on about the happenings in my life so far.

Have a great week!