Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 11: Something You're Afraid Of

I'm back for the 30 Day Blog Challenge! Today's topic is things we're afraid of.

The biggest thing I'm afraid of are bugs. I absolutely cannot stand them. I cannot kill them, and I can't even throw them away after they are dead because I can't stand to get close to them.

I hate having a post without pictures, but I can't even bring myself to post a picture of creepy bugs on here! Ha!

Most of my embarrassing moments have to do with bugs too. Once I had a wasp fly up my jeans! I was running around like a mad-woman screaming my head off because I couldn't get it out. And another time a bug flew down my shirt and I started freaking out and I ended up smearing  it all over my neck (gross!) and all of these strangers were laughing at me.

I have a serious problem. What are you afraid of?

1 comment:

Katie said...

Bugs make me crazy too! I always have to step on them as soon as I see them!